For Great Justice

This Too Shall Pass
The Grand Canal



Posted at May 02, 2019

I’ve done stuff lately, I swear. Totes! Totes! Movies Uh, I think I’ve watched one or two things… Captain Marvel It was OK. I have a hard…

Return of the Obra Dinn

Posted at February 25, 2019

It’s good, ya’ll. The premise has you playing an insurance agent in the early 1800s, inspecting an abandoned ship to find out what happened…

New site!

Posted at February 24, 2019

You may notice the site looks a little different. At Gavin’s suggestion, I’ve switched from Wordpress over to Gatsby. I have no complaints…

Year in Review: 2018

Posted at January 01, 2019

Previously: 2013 In Review #YARRLAND @ One YARR #YARRLAND @ Two YARRS Year in Review: 2016 (plus late 2015) Year in Review: 2017 Personal…

Book Fight!

Posted at May 13, 2018

Hello! I’ve been meaning to post here about podcasts for the longest time. And so, let me ramble about … Book Fight! I started listening to…


Posted at May 13, 2018

I saw Riverdance with my friend T— at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre back in April. They perform it every summer at the Gaiety Theatre in…

Pride and Prejudice

Posted at April 01, 2018

I’m making a bit of an effort to read more lately. Jane Austen was one of my blind spots, so when I saw a copy of Pride and Prejudice at a…

Mass Effect, slayed

Posted at April 01, 2018

I bought Mass Effect for USD$10 back in late 2009. Nearly ten years later (roughly a month ago, now), I finally beat it. Thoughts: First…


Posted at April 01, 2018

Gavin kindly invited me to go watch Motown when it was in town, and it was good. There’s a story there about Berry Gordy and his life, and…

Year in Review: 2017

Posted at January 01, 2018

Previously: Year in Review: 2016 (plus late 2015) #YARRLAND @ Two YARRS #YARRLAND @ One YARR Personal Deets Nothing too much to say. I used…