John Wick

Posted at May 07, 2015

Sorry! I started writing this post in particular ages ago (OK, a month) but never got around to finishing it. Tonight I catch up.

So. John Wick. Movie. Keanu Reeves was in it. For some reason it only opened in Ireland and the UK on Friday (April 9th), when it opened pretty much everywhere else last October.

So, this was a weird film. It posits a world where everyone is either criminals or working for criminals. Pretty much everyone is objectively a bad guy, and they’re all impeccably dressed, incredibly rich, and go through a world of almost unfathomable luxury (or nondescript industrial areas). The action sequences were frequent and well choreographed; the music was good and fit with the movie; Keanu does a good job portraying an incarnation of vengeance.

I found the worldview too bleak for my tastes, but as a movie it was enjoyable.