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Men I Trust

Posted at May 05, 2023

I went to another concert! This time it was Men I Trust at the Orpheum, with opening act Kylie V. It was packed, and the crowd was positive…

Pirate Profile Picture

Posted at May 04, 2023

A friend got me a portrait of myself as a pirate for my birthday. I think it’s pretty darn awesome. I love the expression. There’s a cheery…

The Legend of Reading: Books to the Past

Posted at April 24, 2023

I swear I read stuff that’s not from the Ring of Fire series. Just, y’know, not lately. The Tangled Web, by Virginia DeMarce This was a real…

Life Updates

Posted at April 24, 2023

Interesting things from the last few weeks: I saw Dungeons & Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. It’s well put-together, shows a tonne of obvious…

Climate Grief

Posted at March 03, 2023

I’m not a climate scientist. I have no deep insights about what’s going on and where we’re going. That said, it seems to me that the climate…

Books and Bookability

Posted at February 12, 2023

Let’s catch up. The Swordsman’s Oath, by Juliet E. McKenna In the follow-up to The Thief’s Gamble, we follow Ryshad Tathel as he…

Site Update

Posted at January 26, 2023

I’ve updated the website, huzzah! I’ve already pushed some of the updates, but here’s the quick list of changes: I replaced the site names…

Avatar 2: They're Blue (Da Ba Dee)

Posted at January 25, 2023

I remember watching the first Avatar film in the theatre, way back when 3D movies were new and exciting instead of something to be avoided…


Posted at July 23, 2022

Note: I wrote most of this back in June. Hey, ya’ll will never guess who caught the rona. I went to Alberta in April. Before the trip I…

The Bookables Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Posted at July 23, 2022

Last time I said I should post these more often. I was right. 1634: The Baltic War, by Eric Flint and David Weber This is another one of the…