The Gondoliers

Posted at May 07, 2015

So. What did I do after watching John Wick? I nearly forgot — why I should keep this blog up to date — but I saw a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Gondoliers at the Gaiety Theatre in April.

First things first, the production was by the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society, which I think is an amateur society, and they’ve been putting on shows for a hundred years. (Dag.) And it was really good! Good singing, costuming, acting, etc. I wish I were better versed in the mechanics of theatre so I could go into further detail (likewise I wish I wrote this weeks ago when the memory is fresh), but I found it very well done.

As for the play, there were many laffs to be had. The plot was barely there, but the characters were entertaining. The jokes about republicanism went entirely over my head, as did some of the Irish references in a few updated songs. It was fun.