Runs In The Family

Posted at March 31, 2015

A few years ago I went to the show “An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer” at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver (November 2011, apparently). I’d been a fan of Gaiman’s since reading “Good Omens” at an impressionable age. I’d read “American Gods” and “Neverwhere” back in college or high school; when he was touring to support “Anansi Boys”, I bought a copy to give to my brother, and bought a second one for myself because I loved that book. So needless to say, I was going to this show, despite not really knowing anything about the co-headliner other than that they were married and she was a musician of sorts.

The show was a mixture of Q&A, readings, and songs. At one point Neil finished whatever it was he was reading, and the lights dimmed, and on the other side of the stage (and completely unnoticed by me ‘til that point) Amanda launched into this song, which was the most hardcore piano-driven song I’d ever heard. (This version has strings and drums, but imagine it’s just vocals and banging piano.)

(Wordpress is being weird about showing the embedded iframe. If the player doesn’t show up, try bandcamp.)

Yea. I think she kinda won me over, right there.