London, day three!

Posted at April 05, 2010

Crazy-long day of walking around. Just crazy.

I tried going to Madame Tussaud’s wax museum this morning, but by the time I got there (a bit after ten, it opened at 9:30) the line-ups were already ridiculous. I think I’m going to pass it for this trip, unless I have a lot of time to kill on Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about going to A Living Tudor World up at Hampton Court Palace, but it sounds like an all-day event, and that just wouldn’t be fun on my own.

Man, three sentences beginning with “I” in a row. Damn the first person nature of my experiences!

Afterwards, I headed over to the British Museum, picking up a spare camera battery on the way. The Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and Assyrian displays are phenomenal. It’d almost be worth getting kicked out for touching the statues just to prove to myself that these relics from thousands of years ago are still real.

From there I wandered over into the City, going into St. Paul’s Cathedral this time, and checking out the Museum of the City of London (which was awesome). From there I headed to Wren’s monument for the London Fire of 1666; after that I found myself walking across London Bridge to the Bankside neighbourhood of Southwark; and eventually I crossed back over the Blackfriars Bridge, and strolled along the Thames to Cleopatra’s Needle. By then it was dark, so I tubed up to Piccadilly Circus, looked around, and decided to grab dinner at a burger restaurant I’d seen over near Gloucester Road station, by my hotel.

Side note: “Gloucester” is actually pronounced “gloss-ter”, and “Leicester”, “Lester”. The accents haven’t bothered me too much yet, but those really threw me off at first.

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to do tomorrow. At the very least, I have to investigate the train situation, so I know where I’m catching the train to Harwich, and whether or not I’ll be able to store my luggage there for the day.

Peace out!


nfg: I didn’t know how it was pronounced, but I expected three syllables, not two.

I plan to go there tomorrow, after dropping off my luggage at the train station.

Marc: How on Earth did you think Gloucester was pronounced? Berkeley, fyi, is pronounced like Sir Charles’s last name.

I’m told the Imperial War Museum is good, but of course I can’t speak from personal experience.