London: the final update

Posted at April 06, 2010

I’m burned out on London.

Today I took it relatively easily.

  • I walked up to the Albert Monument in Hyde Park, then checked out the Science Museum — I skipped the Natural History Museum next door because the line-up was too long.
  • Then I took the bus to Trafalgar, visited the Canadian High Commission, and explored the National Gallery.
  • Not really knowing what to do after that, I wandered down Whitehall St:

    • ventured into the Horse Guards Museum;
    • walked over to St. James park;
    • took pictures of the gates of Downing St, including a media scrum in front of (likely) #10;
    • over to Parliament Square;
    • took pictures of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Parliament building.
  • Then I tubed up to Leicester to get a cheap play ticket and failed; I should’ve done so earlier in the day, when there was greater availability. But I found a convenience store nearby selling Tim Hortons doughnuts, so yay!
  • Lastly, I went to a train station to determine whether or not I’ll be able to leave my luggage there tomorrow after checking out of the hotel.

… Believe it or not, that was a relatively calm day for my trip so far. Hence being burned out on London. Yarr.

Tomorrow I see the Imperial War Museum, and probably something else. Maybe I’ll try Madame Tussaud’s again. And then it’s off to Amsterdam.



nfg: Bah. Fish and chips = meh. I can get stuff just as good at Mr. Pickwick’s.

Div: what’s the itinerary after amsterdam?

btw, have some fish and chips while ur in London, otherwise you will fail miserably for not having some… :-)