Floating on a boat in the North Sea.

Posted at April 07, 2010

The ferry portion of the trip has officially begun. At 7:45 Central European Time tomorrow, I should be in the Netherlands.

Pretty much all I did today was get the train journey and ferry trip squared away, and visit the Imperial War Museum. And it was definitely worth going. I only left because it was 6 PM, and they were kicking everyone out.

I think I was pick-pocketed today… which is to say, my Oyster card was mysteriously gone for my last tube journey. More likely than not I dropped it while rushing to the museum, but the romantic in me insists that it was stolen by some nefarious criminal organization that plans to use their ill-gotten Oyster cards to flood the train system at once. Not that anyone would notice, because the trains are so busy (and TfL and the Circle Line have a way of ruining commutes on their own).

Time to crash. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day.