Pepsi's Tale, Session Five

Posted at August 21, 2008

Strange. The warlock is talking about the conversation we just had with the guard, except at greater length and with details I do not remember hearing before (such as some symbol the bandits were wearing).

After this “cut scene”, as he called it, we took a brief moment to introduce ourselves (the other halfing is called Nestle! The wizard is Cornelius Longshanks!), then journeyed forth to the city, returning to the dreaded T intersection. The signpost had mysteriously burned down since we were there last. From there were went west into the unknown.

After two days of travelling, we ran into some suspicious looking lizards; according to Nestle, they were drakes.

And then we really started drinking.

Err, sorry, my memory is a little confused at this point, methinks. I’ll tell what happened next in the subsequent entry.