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Christmas One Shot

Posted at January 03, 2023

In my write-up on The Wolverines Take The Highway To The Danger Zone, I mentioned that I had an idea for a Christmas one-shot that I didn’t…

The Wolverines Take the Highway to the Danger Zone

Posted at July 26, 2022

I finally ran a game! For about a year now I’ve been meaning to run a one-shot. I started thinking about it in winter 2021, but that wasn’t…

Pirates Finale

Posted at August 23, 2021

I finished the Pirates campaign! (Previously. Previously.) It’s been two months since the last session. My first version of this post had a…

Pirates Redux

Posted at January 18, 2021

This is going to be a rambling attempt to take stock of how things are going. I have mixed feelings about the Pirates campaign as a whole…

Pirates Thoughts

Posted at July 16, 2019

This year I finally (!) started running a roleplaying game. It’s a pirate-themed adventure set in the Caribbean in a vaguely historical 167…


Posted at May 02, 2019

I’ve done stuff lately, I swear. Totes! Totes! Movies Uh, I think I’ve watched one or two things… Captain Marvel It was OK. I have a hard…

Also from last week, Shaintar!

Posted at March 08, 2010

I’ve been playing role playing games reasonably consistently for the last few months… yay! For Shaintar, I play a young priest called…

Pepsi's Tale, Addendum

Posted at March 09, 2009

Note: The campaign petered out. The following is my ending for it, and is completely DM-unauthorized. It was a trap! Oh, curse me, and the…

Pepsi's Tale, Session Six

Posted at September 20, 2008

Sorry about that! It took a while to clear the fuzz from my mind. I can tell you definitively, gentle onlookers, that there were in fact…

Pepsi's Tale, Session Five

Posted at August 21, 2008

Strange. The warlock is talking about the conversation we just had with the guard, except at greater length and with details I do not…