Pepsi's Tale, Session Six

Posted at September 20, 2008

Sorry about that! It took a while to clear the fuzz from my mind. I can tell you definitively, gentle onlookers, that there were in fact some sort of red lizards. One took a very nasty bite out of me, causing me to bleed profusely and nearly lose my wits. But once again, as soon at the battle was over, I used my remarkable powers of healing to get back up to full health.

In other words, huzzah fourth edition healing surges.

We finally arrived at the town, and — finally — parted ways. That foul warlock, Aeos, left the company, and I have good hopes of never seeing the blackguard again. The nudist wizard went off to the library instead of to the clothes market. The dwarven paladin disappeared; I’m not sure, but I suspect he was in search of celebratory wenching.

As for me? Well, I sought out one of my friends in the industry.

I’ve been to the city several times. It’s not enough to just sell stuff out in the country. Where are my goods going to come from? This fellow had been a supplier of good, err, goods in the past, and I figured that he’d be an excellent source of advice regarding my current predicament, especially the problem of not being able to return to my shop on the grounds of having angered Lord Angar.

He took me in — oh, and Nestle was also there — and gave us food and bed for the night.

One suggestion he gave me was to find someone to run my shop in my stead while I was gallivanting around. This strikes me as supreme logic. I fell asleep with the prospect of servants bringing me the day’s gold running through my head.

The next day we found the others — minus the warlock, praise be the gods — in the marketplace. The wizard was picking a fight with some wretched beggar in arguably worse condition with him. We did our best to pretend not to know him. Suddenly, the markplace emptied of merchants and clientel, and in marched regiment after regiment of soldiers.

Being a forthright halfling of remarkable good looks and self-assurance, I strode up to the leader and asked him what was going on.

And so we ended up joining the soldiers for a raid on Lord Angar. More on the next time, however.