Pepsi's Tale, Session Three

Posted at July 30, 2008

Have you picked up on any of my misgivings about this adventure thus far? Perhaps I’m “just” a halfling, but past history has taught me the value of knowing what’s going on. To reiterate: the majority of this crew was pressed into service as escorts for this warlocks, we were repeatedly waylaid by bandits on our journey, and nearly immediately after arriving in this fortress I was nearly thrown in jail for cleaning some weapons, while in the meantime said warlock made his delivery in private to the ruler.

I wasn’t really surprized that we ended up in prison.

Oh, there were extenuating circumstances. We just “happened” to be attacked by mysterious shadow monsters, and the guards just “happened” to arrive in overwhelming numbers after our foes had disappeared, leaving behind the bodies of the guards who were supposed to watch over us.

I’ll give them this, though. It was a clean arrest. And the dungeons weren’t half bad.

A guard came down. I was of the mind that we should find out what was going on, and perhaps allow the king to make accusations so we could at least find out what was going on. But the warlock and the wizard in the other cell pre-empted any fact-finding by breaking out and slaying* the guard.

And now? We get to escape through the sewers. Oh joy!

* Correction: We didn’t actually kill him, he got away. I’m sure my teammates will get him next time.