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Return of the Obra Dinn

Posted on February 25, 2019
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It’s good, ya’ll.

The premise has you playing an insurance agent in the early 1800s, inspecting an abandoned ship to find out what happened. There are only corpses aboard; fortunately you have a magical book and pocket watch. When you pull out your watch at a corpse, you get sucked back in time to the moment of death: you hear a bit of dialog, and then you can wander around to see who was all there, what was going on, and try to answer the three big questions:

  1. Who died?
  2. How did they die?
  3. Who killed them?

It’s a bit of a detective game. In order to get the full story, you have to fill out the magical book with what happened.

Plus it’s just an awesome-looking game. It has a 3D engine, but the visuals are reduced down to patterns of black and white, like a classic Mac (which is probably a good thing, given how grissly some of the deaths are).



The boat at sea

An accident while loading cargo


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