Broken Age

Posted at May 14, 2015

Heh, another video game post. I’m a monster!


Broken Age was fun. Some of the later puzzles were frustrating, but otherwise it was pretty much how I pretend adventure games used to be.

Its big hook (aside from being a new adventure game) is that it has dual narratives that you can swap between at (nearly) any point. In one you play Vella, a girl from Sugar Bunting, who doesn’t want to be a sacrificial maiden for the monster Mog Chothra. In the other you play Shay, a boy alone on a spaceship, who wants to find something more in life. Vella’s pushing against people who want her to do as she’s told. Shay wants to get away from the infantilizing computer that controls his life. In other words, they’re both trying to grow up. (gasp!)

The two stories intertwine in unexpected and fairly awesome ways. The villains are a bit underdeveloped. Otherwise it’s good craic.