The Avengers

Posted at October 20, 2012

“That’s my secret, Captain: I’m always angry.”

That alone would redeem a lesser movie. But The Avengers is actually very good movie. It even makes me want to re-evaluate Thor, because Loki works so well.

Plus it has Robin Sparkles. <3


nfg: Hey bro! I owe the blogosphere nothing, except to be vaguely interesting, or at least pithy. And this entry was very near twitter levels of pithiness.

I actually liked the moping around parts of Thor. More actual plot on Earth would’ve been good, but I thought the worst parts of the movie were the scenes on Asgard and the frost giant homeworld. That said, I agree with you that Thor (and probably The Hulk, whose movie I haven’t seen) work better as supports than leads.

Wasn’t there a scene after the credit with Thanatos? I’m pretty sure the Infinity Gauntlet is next.

M. Grégoire: You disappear from the blogosphere for months, and you manage a five sentence movie review?! I have an excuse.

Anyway, Loki was never the issue. The problem with Thor was him moping around and then learning a Valuable Lesson from the mortals. He’s simply better as a supporting character than a lead.

So, do you think the Infinity Gauntlet movie is coming?