Wii Homebrew

Posted at December 16, 2010

Note: Written last Saturday.

I have a few minutes to kill before I can go to bed, so… bloggery.

I was supposed to go Christmas shopping today. Instead, I soft-modded my Wii (as per the instructions at WiiBrew). I did four things:

  1. Started up HackMii via the Smash Stack exploit.
  2. Installed the Homebrew Channel.
  3. Installed BootMii.
  4. Backed up the Wii’s memory to an SD card.

The hardest part was setting stuff up on the SD card, which … is just a matter of downloading and extracting a couple zips. It was easy.

My Wii is old, so I was still able to install BootMii to the boot2 data, meaning that I can completely bypass the system menu if I want. And with the memory backup, that means that if I brick my console, I can reload the old data and unbrick it. :D

Anyhoo, the homebrew stuff is fairly nifty. To launch anything, you go to the Homebrew Channel in the system menu, which checks for programmes installed in the apps subdirectory of your SD card (or USB drive). First I installed (manually) the homebrew browser, which lets me browse different homebrew stuff and install it automatically; then I installed some emulators and some homebrew games. Now it’s all I can do to not play kobo deluxe (my university addiction!) and Mother 3.