How I Celebrated September the 11th, Nine Years After the Terrorist Attacks

Posted at September 14, 2010

I quickly checked out the Davie Day festivities. (There’s a good write-up at Beyond Robson.)

Then I went to Metrotown to play Dragon Quest IX with a bunch of fellow nerds.

On the way back home I went to the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, which made of endless win.

And lastly, I popped into Futureshop to buy a videogame.

It seems a bit disrespectful to the historic events nine years ago, but honestly, I wasn’t even aware it was the 11th for most of the day. And the events and circumstances of my day, while relatively mundane, are vastly different than what I would’ve done on a lazy Sunday back before the towers fell. My life has changed more since that time than I’ve realized; not necessarily for the better or the worse, but different. And time proceeds ever on, as it should.