Posted at July 23, 2010


Today was the company summer BBQ, this year entitled the $WORK Olympics (I have no idea where HR got the idea). Like the last two years, it was held in Stanley Park, this time by Second Beach. And as in previous years, there was a big lunch, followed by team games, and then a somewhat stirring speech meant to improve company morale. And it was pretty good!

Well, okay, I mostly stole other team’s equipment, squirted people with my (stolen) squirt gun, and didn’t really participate in the events. And I might’ve gotten a wee bit buzzed. And I was greatly tempted the whole day through to disappear off to home.

But, uh, yarr. I had fun.

Stuff what I stole:

  • Squirt gun
  • Beads
  • Plastic pirate swords
  • An additional plastic pirate sword, but I gave it to someone else.
  • Multiple pirate hats.


My team represented the glorious country of Tuvalu.

Tuvalu National Flag

We used the fabric provided by HR to make billowing capes.

Super Payam!

Rami kept things real.


Chris got in touch with his gangster side.

Gangsta Chris

There were pirates…

Pirate Hats

… of different schools of style.


Apparently I was there, too.

Me and Alan

And it was a beautiful day.


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