And since I'm posting...

Posted at July 23, 2010

  • The Celebration of Lights — AKA Vancouver’s big firework competition — started up this week. I had some friends over on Wednesday for the show, and it was actually fairly awesome. I’m hosting a party for tomorrow’s fireworks; hopefully it’ll be fun.

    • And Thursday night Gavin, Victoria and I went to see a free showing of the movie Monsters Vs. Aliens in Stanley Park (coincidentally, the same place today’s BBQ was at). Enjoyable movie, good crowd, excellent venue. Good times all around.
    • And yet I’ve taken my DS in DQ9’s tag mode to both events, and haven’t received a single random visitor in my Quester’s Rest Inn. It’s almost disheartening. It doesn’t detract from the game rocking four shades of awesome, but I think the inn is this game’s equivalent of the immigrant town, and I want to see it fully developed.

If the worst thing I can complain about is an excellent videogame, then life must be reasonably good.