Our Lady Peace at the Vogue


In happy news, I went to the Our Lady Peace concert at, yes, the Vogue Theatre last night. They’ve been touring across Canada playing the entirety of their albums Clumsy and Spiritual Machines, one for each performance, followed by a mixture of hits and new stuff. I caught the Spiritual Machines concert in Vancouver, and it was awesome.

It was also weird, though. The first set — all of Spiritual Machines — was oddly subdued. It was only when the crowd left their seats and rushed the stage for the song “Life” (and they stayed there for the rest of the concert) that the singer, Raine Maida, started showing signs of life. It was still a good show, just… restrained. But I guess they were saving themselves for the second set, because after a half-hour intermission, they came back and it was redonkulous — the lights started flashing, the entire band increased the energy by an order of magnitude, and the entire crowd was jumping up and down and having a blast. Raine even ventured into the crowd, and from there sang an entire song for the people up on the balcony.

Shoddy cameraphone pictures!

Raine sings through a megaphone that gives him super powers!

No Subject

The band played, gathering in intensity until…

No Subject

They spontaneously combusted!

No Subject

False alarm.

No Subject

The light show for the second half was reasonably awesome. Lots of swirlings and strobe.

No Subject

This is pretty much what the crowd was doing from “Life” on. There were chairs, but at this point they were just ornamental.

No Subject

And a video of “If You Believe”, off Spiritual Machines. The audio clips. It was crazy-loud in there.

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