Chinese restaurant suggestions

Posted at August 10, 2009

Helen L:

Kirin . there are many locations in Vancouver and in richmond. That is Chinese-cantonese style, very good, especially dimsum.

If they want to venture into Richmond there is Shanghai River Restaurant. Shanghainese (Chinese) style, different than regular Chinese, but also an ever popular favourite.

Imperial by burrard and hastings – also really good.

There are tons of Chinese restaurants in Vancouver, lots of them… I don’t like b/c of the MSG or ti’s too oily for me, so I usually stick to kirin and shanghai river, but most ppl can’t tell the difference from ‘good’ and ‘ok’ anyway.


Superior/yummy/good quality – Kirin (NOT the one that’s behind our building, go to the one that’s on Cambie like Alan suggested or the one in Richmond on the corner of no 3 and Westminster is great as well – need reservations for both places probably)

Anything in Chinatown – greasy oldskool way, could be good, but I don’t like it so I’m a bit biased

Alan L:

Kirin Mandarin Restaurant
1166 Alberni Street #1504
Vancouver, BC V6E 3Z3
Tel: (604) 682-8833

Jason M:

Gum Bean is good, it’s just off of Main on the south side of China Town.

Karen C: (on Kirin)

Good food and good service. The best one is at City Centre on Cambie and 12th though.