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Site Update

Posted at January 26, 2023

I’ve updated the website, huzzah! I’ve already pushed some of the updates, but here’s the quick list of changes: I replaced the site names…


Posted at May 02, 2019

I’ve done stuff lately, I swear. Totes! Totes! Movies Uh, I think I’ve watched one or two things… Captain Marvel It was OK. I have a hard…

New site!

Posted at February 24, 2019

You may notice the site looks a little different. At Gavin’s suggestion, I’ve switched from Wordpress over to Gatsby. I have no complaints…

Multiplication Workshop

Posted at May 14, 2016

I’ve been playing Human Resource Machine. It’s awesome! It’s a little silly that I’ve been relaxing after a long day of coding by… doing…

I contributed to CPAN!

Posted at February 20, 2016

I spend a lot of time dealing with Perl at $WORK (as you can tell by the word “$WORK”). One of my projects is updating our legacy code…

Greasemonkey FTW

Posted at February 11, 2010

Yeah, my Javascript sucks, but… yay! I can finish reading the archive again! :) Comments Gavin: that code looks soooo familiar.. almost like…


Posted at January 17, 2010

Water! is a Google Maps mashup displaying all the public water fountains in Vancouver. The crazy thing about it is that he does it in drupal…