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Multiplication Workshop

I’ve been playing Human Resource Machine. It’s awesome! It’s a little silly that I’ve been relaxing after a long day of coding by… doing assembly programming, but it’s a fun game. Anyway, I’ve been hung up at the optimization challenges … Continue reading

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I contributed to CPAN!

I spend a lot of time dealing with Perl at $WORK (as you can tell by the word “$WORK”). One of my projects¬†is updating our legacy code, which mostly runs on Perl 5.8. When I tried running things under Perl … Continue reading

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Greasemonkey FTW

// ==UserScript== // @name Get Medieval // @namespace // @description Fixes broken comic images. // @include // ==/UserScript== var images = document.getElementsByTagName(‘img’); for (var i in images){ var src = new String(images[i].src); if (src.match(/{ if (!src.match(/gif/)){ src = … Continue reading

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Water! is a Google Maps mashup displaying all the public water fountains in Vancouver. The crazy thing about it is that he does it in drupal, and he builds it from scratch in ten minutes using the admin interface. There’s … Continue reading

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