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The Cure

Posted on August 21, 2023
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I saw the Cure! I have some friends who are fans, so we went to their show in Vancouver back in early June.

I knew two things about the Cure going in: they were some sort of goth band, and “Friday I’m In Love” was their big pop hit (and a legit bop). They’ve been around for ages, so surely I knew more of their music, right?

… Well, maybe. They saved their big hits for the second encore. I knew the Friday song for sure, and it was the twenty-third song.

It was fun, but it was a slog. They played some slow moody jam songs for the first encore, and that sucked all the energy out of me. By the time they started playing the hits, I was ready to go home.

But still, I’m glad I went.

The Cure on stage.

The Cure on stage.

A large crowd inside an arena for a concert.

The view inside Roger’s Arena. We were pretty far back, which is why the first picture looks like a blown-up JPEG — it is.

A concert photo capturing someone else taking a concert photo.