The Sweetest Thing

Posted at October 20, 2014

Or, the most Dublin-y thing ever Dublin-ed!

I couldn’t figure out exactly where it was shot. I was pretty sure it was on the southside, wasn’t Stephen’s Green, nor could it be Merrion Square. Turns out it was filmed along Fitzwilliam. Just a ten minutes’ walk from my apartment. :D


Marc: How are U2 viewed in Ireland? Fogies appealing to the old folks? A national treasure? Jerks who ignore their home fans? Once great, but now running on fumes , just looking for more cash? Take themselves too bloody seriously? Etc. etc.

I’m still fond, but then I’m old, aren’t I.

nfg: Umm. I think they’re generally liked, but also slagged. They’re too successful, y’know? I’ve heard them some on the radio, and sometimes the buskers play their songs.