Dragon Quest IX Completion Stats

Posted at February 09, 2014

… No, I’m not playing again. I dredged them up after some twitter activity:

So, uh… from August 1st, 201o, here are my completion stats from DQ9:


Final team:

Pepsi: Level 38 Sage (main character) Jakob: Level 43 Armamentalist Janet: Level 27 Paladin Patricia: Level 42 Paladin

Battle Victories: 1775 Times Alchemy Performed: 76 Accolades Earnt: 82 Quests Completed: 42 Grottos Completed: 7 Guests Canvassed: 47

Defeated Monster Completion: 73% Wardrobe Completion: 21% Item List Completion: 50% Alchenomicon Completion: 5%

Total time adventured: 78 hrs 16 mins Time spent in multiplayer: 6 hrs 49 mins Gold carried: 8416G Gold banked: 383000G Mini medals plundered: 44

I powered through the last several boss fights with Oomph, Fource, Falcon Sword + Falcon Slash, and one character constantly performing the Hustle Dance. I didn’t even have to go back to town to recharge. :D

So awesome. And yay, now I can go after the post-game content!

… And then I sunk another five hundred hours into it, I think. And bought a second copy to start a new game. I might’ve had a problem for a while, there.