2013 In Review

Posted at December 31, 2013

Putting together this entry made me realize, again, that I really should post more. Or at least have a private document somewhere to keep track of this stuff.

Also, I started writing this in TextEdit, but it hung indefinitely. I blame iCloud. Seriously, how is it ever excusable that a text editor / word processor freeze indefinitely? At least it recovered the document after I killed it.

Travel and events:

My plan this year was to save my vacation time for a big trip in the fall. I guess that worked out, just not as expected.

  • February: Went to Gottacon. It was awesome.
  • May: VanCAF.
  • June: Raine got married!
  • June: Day trip to Victoria. Spent most of my time in transit (buses, ferries) than in Victoria. It was nevertheless awesome.
  • June, later: Went up to Prince George for a baptism.
  • Late July: Mission Folk Fest. First time going. Three days of sun and music.
  • Late August: Calgary for my sister’s wedding. Huzzah!
  • October: Went to one last VCon.
  • November: Visited the ruined monastery at Glendalough
  • December: Visited Northern Ireland and Giant’s Causeway.


I probably went to a few more, but this is all I can remember.

  • “Now You See Me”.
  • “Rifftrax Live: Starship Troopers”.
  • “Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special”.
  • “Hobbit 2”.


  • Cirque du Soleil, “Amaluna”.
  • Attended a live production of “Les Miserables”.
  • Bard on the Beach. I forget which play, sadly. :(
  • Plumes Ensemble at Raw Canvas.
  • “Avenue Q”.
  • “Rent”.
  • “Critical Hit”, several times. I even got to participate once!
  • Deltron 3030.


  • I finally went to Wreck Beach!
  • I finally did the Grouse Grind!
  • I went to the best overnight Minecraft LAN party of all time — OF ALL TIME.
  • I moved to Ireland!