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Posted at November 18, 2010

VCON 35! VCON, Vancouver’s science fiction and fantasy convention, took place in a hotel in Richmond over the first weekend of October. This year the theme was steampunk; many of the attendees wore their finest tailcoats and petticoats and goggles and clothing with gears sewn in (others, of course, stuck to traditional outfits, like stormtrooper uniforms). Good crowd, good panels, good all around — and I ran into two of my professors from UNBC.

From the costume competition:




And in October was my cousin’s wedding! My entire family (!) met up in Chicago for it (although we overlapped for less than a day). I was there from Thursday to Sunday, giving me a chance to see some of the city and eat delicious, authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza. The wedding itself was surprizingly touching. I even managed to enjoy myself during the reception, despite meeting new people (I s’pose the open bar helped).

Doves take the elevator

Cloud Gate, AKA The Bean


And last weekend I went to the Just For Laughs show in Vancouver. I forget who the comics actually were, but … good show!