Employment Fest 2010

Posted at November 22, 2010

I threw a party!

This year I wanted a bigger shindig, which meant that I couldn’t host it at my apartment. So I had it at Gavin’s instead — a little weird, yes, but it worked out well. Ten people came. There was much food and conversation and playing of games.


  • Awesome timing! It snowed on Friday (!) and there was lots in Burnaby. It almost felt like being back up north.
  • Four of us played a brutal round of Robo Rally. I foolishly placed the first checkpoint in a horrible, horrible spot; I think it was an hour and a half before the first one of us successfully reached it, and we all lost a life or two in the process. It was awesome!
  • There was much Rock Band-ing. I bought a copy of Rock Band 3 just for the party, and it was worth it for the easy dropping-in-and-out of players.
  • Six of us played several rounds of Werewolf. I was worried about the game, having no idea how to actually play it; but we got the gist of it quickly, and it was really fun. My only regret is that we didn’t have more players. w00t.
  • Delicious food: veggie samosas, BBQ hamburgers, an entire package of bacon, girl guide cookies, some nifty dessert I didn’t have a chance to try, and whatever it’s called that Tracey made at the end. Culinary win.
  • Best of all (and most importantly), I had all sorts of people there from my different social groups in Vancouver, and they got along well and had fun. I think everyone had a good time.

To balance things out, I suspect, there was a fire alarm. I think it was the first for the building. Even after the firefighters had checked things out, we couldn’t access the apartments because the elevators were locked down, and the stairwells don’t allow people to access the floors. Thankfully, someone from the strata council showed up who was able to let us get back to the condo.

And to cap the night, when I left for home there was an incident on skytrain. The train I was on had just about pulled into Joyce Station when it stopped, idled for a minute, and then started going in reverse at full speed. Very unnerving. An announcer said the train was out of service when we got back to Patterson; fairly quickly a skytrain attendant showed up and let us know what was going on and that skytrain would be down for the rest of the night. A bunch of us walked to the nearest bus stop on Kingsway to catch the 19; after one sped by, full, and another showed up that was only going as far as Joyce, three of us ended up sharing a cab to get downtown. The other two hopped out at Burrard Station, then the cabbie took me home.