In London!

Posted at April 03, 2010


Despite going out drinking Thursday night instead of, say, getting ready to go, I somehow managed to get everything ready and catch my flight yesterday. The line-ups at YVR were minimal; apparently Good Friday is a not-bad time to fly. And, luckily, I was able to purchase travel medical insurance at the airport, so — I got a policy, you can stop nagging me about it, mom. kthx

The flights were uneventful. I actually arrived in London at noon like I was supposed so, not 6 PM as my email notification had said. No problem clearing customs, getting to the hotel was relatively painless, etc. I picked up an unlimited-travel oyster card for the next week, so getting around shouldn’t be an issue.

I’m going to do some token computer stuff for now, and then… ‘tis time to explore! I’m thinking of going to Covent Garden station tonight, as signs on the tube say it’s typically very busy during evenings and weekends; presumably there should be stuff going on. Otherwise, I’m pretty zonked after two nights of two or three hours of sleep.