I can haz flight home!

Posted at April 17, 2010

I got off the phone with the airline, and here is my new itinerary (roughly):

Wednesday, April 21st:

  • Fly from Paris to Amsterdam, leaving after eight PM and arriving around ten PM.

Thursday, April 22nd:

  • Fly from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, leaving in the early afternoon.
  • Fly from Minneapolis to Vancouver, leaving at about nine-thirty PM.
  • Arrive at home after eleven PM.


… And that’s four extra days in Paris, and a night around Amsterdam. Crazy.


nfg: I’m pretty sure I took at least one political science class back at university.

And I’m just trying to be optimistic. Taking a boat home would be really cool, but argh, I just want to get back to my own place.

Marc: Haz flight? I’ll believe it when you get out.

http://smartpei.typepad.com/robert_patersons_weblog/2010/04/volcano-air-travel-a -black-swan-what-might-happen.html

By the way, looking at the Twitter feed, where did you learn about positive vs. negative rights? Didn’t think you read political theory.