What Do Olympics Protesters Want?

Posted at February 13, 2010

This is from the protest yesterday, which started at the art gallery and moved down to BC Place to welcome the olympic opening ceremonies. This guy takes it upon himself to go to the protesters and ask them about their causes. Pretty interesting.

And yeah, I’m watching the footage on CTV News and listening to the helicopters outside. Riot 2010 is fulfilled. The protest looks like it’s been mostly peaceful, but there has been some smashed windows, spray painting, &c.; It’s kinda disappointing, really.

FYI, CNN just interviewed Elvis Stojko over in Coal Harbour. You can hear the helicopters, but not a peep about the protest.

[ETA] Crazy-awesome set of photos via Kris Krug: http://www.shotinvancouver.com/vancouver/olympics/vancouver-olympics-protests-turn-violent-and-destructive-multiple-arrests-made/

[ETA] Joe has a good blog post about the protest.