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Jonathan Coulton concert!

Posted on February 27, 2010
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On Thursday, we (Gavin, Phoebe, Andy, and I (someone please correct me if my grammar is wrong)) went to see the Jonathan Coulton concert at the Rio in East Van, and it was awesome.

Paul and Storm, a comedic music duo, opened, leading off with their song Opening Band. There were loads of audience interaction, catchy songs, and all-around grooviness.

Here’s a video of the last song they played at the Rio. It was a struggle to actually get through it.

Next up was geek music troubadour, Jonathan Coulton. Video of Skullcrush Mountain, courtesy of Gavin:

And there was a special guest: Molly, AKA She mostly played accompaniment for Coulton (Paul and Storm joined for a few songs, too), but she did get to play a handful of songs solo. Here she is, covering Coulton’s most famous song, and arguably the best-known song written specifically for a video game:

EDIT 2019: The video is gone. Here’s the original, as uploaded by some random videogame youtube account:

So, yeah! Awesome show. There was even a tiny encore, even though city by-laws apparently prohibited live music after 11 PM (boo!). The Rio was small but great, and there were even free cupcakes!