Posted at April 22, 2007

So I held me a party last night, in celebration of twenty-seven successful journeys around the sun.


The party started a little shaky, with too much television and not enough talking, but that was rectified by the time I got back from picking up the sushi. I thank television hockey for that. And from then on it was awesome. We played Apples to Apples, watched “Office Space”, and finished off with a rousing game of Super Munchkins which I naturally lost — my inherent mad skills gave me an early lead, spurring the others to lay the smack down, and thus giving them the opportunity to pass me before I could recover — alas!

An aside on the movie: I asked if anyone in the room had seen the movie fewer than five times. No hands went up. Yet we were still a damn appreciative audience.

I didn’t ask for any birthday gifts, yet

Steve brought a chocolate cake (tasty!); Alex (Nog) gave me George R. R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones”, which he says is really good; Conan gave me a bottle of Glayva liqueur; Div gave me a Future Shop gift card; Andy gave me a Wii Classic Controller; Bono gave me beer, currently in Gavin’s fridge; and for the sake of completion, in addition to giving me his apartment to host the party, Gavin gave me a Canti doll (it was actually a very early birthday gift, given in January IIRC).

So, uh, wow! Thanks, people!