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Year in Review: 2016 (plus late 2015)

Posted on January 01, 2018
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I like those posts I did about my time in Ireland. Let’s do that again, starting first with not last year, but the time period between returning to Vancouver and last year.


Personal Deets

It was a hard time for me, overall. It started well, with me travelling around Europe a while before returning to Vancouver. But it was also stressful. I’d given up my apartment in Dublin and no longer had a home base. My worldly possessions were spread across three different countries (plus wherever I was at the time). Travelling around by Interrail was great, but I used the flexibility as an excuse to not plan far in advance, and travelling that was was exhausting. And it got cold. So I came back to Canada, crashed at a friend’s place (for much much too long), and spent the next year feeling lost.

But it wasn’t all that bad. I eventually found a new apartment, got all my stuff out of storage, and settled down again.


Very quiet compared to my time in Ireland, here.

The return to Canada
I flew back and crashed a Hallowe’en party. :D

Cançun, Mexico
Family trip shortly after I got back. Warmth!

Christmas on Vancouver Island
More family time!

Family Reunion in Calgary
Even more family time, but with even more family!


The Critical Hit Show @ the Rio (repeatedly)
This was one of the things I missed from Vancouver. I’ve been to pretty much every show since I returned (minus the Christmas performances).

The Gentlemen Hecklers @ the Rio
Uh. Pulling from memory… I watched them heckle Road House, the Notebook, and the last two Twilight movies. Yeah!

Bard on the Beach - Othello

The Broadway Chorus performing The Supermusical: More Powers to You
In retrospect, this was very nearly a panto.

The East Van Panto - Red Riding Hood
This totally was a panto!

… Yep, back to VCON.

And undoubtedly some fun stuff I’ve completely forgotten about.


Found a new apartment
And moved back to the West End.

Rejoined my gaming group
It took a while for me to do this, actually.


It was a quiet year (and a bit) to be sure. I thought moving back to Vancouver was going to be easy, but it wasn’t. Much thanks to Gavin for putting up with me (and putting me up) for so long.

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