Extended trips?

Posted at March 12, 2013

I was curious at work today, so I emailed HR:

Would it be possible to take an extended vacation at some point? I have vague plans of going on a road trip from here to Key West, Florida. I think it’d probably take a month at least — it’s only 55 hours of continual driving, but I’d like to take the opportunity to sight see and enjoy myself.

This isn’t something I’m planning on doing soon — I don’t even have a car! — but […] it’s always been a “when I’m between jobs” idea. Is this something I could possibly do while I’m at $WORK? I’d be more than happy to do with as “time off without pay”, the uncertain part is the time off. :)

The response:

The option is always there especially with lots of notice. Final approval would depend on your manager, time, length of vacation etc…

Sounds like an awesome idea!

I really should start planning this thing, so it doesn’t forever stay an idle dream.

Vroom vroom vroom!