Housing pros and cons

Posted at February 15, 2009

So. For like the last year, I’ve been saying that I should move. But I’ve been pretty slack about getting off my tail and finding a new place. Here’s why and why I don’t want to leave:

Pros Cons

  • Close to work
  • Awesome neighbourhood
  • Lots of cheap restaurants in the area.
  • Decent rent
  • Can just walk everywhere.
  • It’s where all my stuff is
  • Far away from most of my friends.
  • Just slightly too far from Skytrain, adding an extra bus ride to my commute whenever I go out.
  • I don’t have enough room for all my stuff.
  • Sliding door for the balcony doesn’t close.
  • Really crappy insulation.


Here’s roughly what I’m looking for And desirables

  • Close to Skytrain.
  • Bigger.
  • Roughly equivalent or slightly more expensive rent.
  • Ensuite washer-and-dryer.
  • Visitor parking.
  • Decent neighbourhood.

As an alternative, I could stay here. My complaints about space could be solved by better shelving. I’m out of room for furniture, but I could get new stuff to make more effective use of space. But why should I buy furniture especially for this apartment when I don’t know how long I’ll be living here?