Edge of Tomorrow

I’ve been calling this one “the new Tom Cruise” movie, because that title really doesn’t stick. “The Movie Where Tom Cruise Dies Over and Over (to the Joy of the Audience)” would be much better, if a bit unwieldy. But anyhoo — I enjoyed this one a lot. The central conceit is that Tom Cruise’s character keeps respawning the day before a counter-attack on alien-occupied France. Yes, “respawning” — the movie is essentially a cross between Groundhog Day and a video game like Halo. The explanation is a bit meh, but they have a lot of fun with the idea.

I’d actually like to see it again, if only to pay more attention to Tom Cruise’s arc. That’s more than I can say of most movies I’ve seen lately.

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X-Men: Days of Future Past

Decent movie. There were bits that were inspired, like the slow-motion battle sequence. The future stuff didn’t really add much, and a lot of it was just a retread of the previous X-Men movie.

But young Charles Xavier, Magento, and Mystique really do have chemistry.

And Wolverine? I guess they can’t resist throwing him in, even though he has little to do with the story.

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HIMYM Finale

Huh. That was considerably more melancholy than I’d expected. Which is good; one of the things How I Met Your Mother did well in its prime was leaven the good with the bad (just think of all the job and romantic troubles everyone went through at some point). And so, among other things, the finale shows us that Marshall giving Lily her dream meant giving up, for at least a while, his dream; they go to Italy for a year, and I guess it was glorious, but then they return to New York and Marshall spends years miserable in corporate law before he gets another chance to become a judge.

But really, more than even the mother, the finale was about Robin, and how she drifts away from the rest of the group. As someone in his thirties who’s recently left everyone he cares about behind, that got me right in the feels.

The last two scenes twist everything around a little. Ted finally finishes his story (!), and it becomes about what he’s going to do next. Which is actually kinda great; I’m not sure how I feel about the details, but there’s always hope and it’s never too late.

I think someone could actually get a pretty good feel for the series just watching the pilot episode and the finale. The rest is just details.

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I’ve been meaning to take more daytrips around Ireland, so before Saint Patrick’s Day I went down to Bray, a town in County Wicklow. It’s a nice little place with some decent walking. There’s a seven kilometre walk along the sea down to Greystones, but instead I went to the top of Bray Head, then explored the town a little. Continue reading

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