Some Days It’s Dark

Love this song. I should watch this movie again. The Kids in the Hall were genius.

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Bad movie. Horrible science. Decent token action, but nowhere near enough.

Basically, if we start using more than 10% of our brain (sigh) we develop superpowers. Which is a cool concept! But instead of using it as a basis for a silly movie, it’s taken entirely seriously. There’s no drama to the arc. So they added a drug-smuggling Chinese triad, who inadvertently triggers her sudden evolution, and provide “bad guys” that the “good guys” can kill. Which means, among other things, the action sequences are about white people fight villainous Chinese. Which is … not straight-up racist, and the start in Taipei is more nuanced, but it’s still troubling.

The Atlantic posted an excellent spoilerlicious review that says it all.


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I went to Venice back in February! It was pretty awesome. I’ve posted pictures to flickr and my oft-neglected tumblr, but I still haven’t posted anything here. I’ve written a few drafts, but couldn’t decide whether to go massively overboard on details, or gloss over most of the experience.

In the meantime, here’s a video I uploaded to youtube. It’s from the vaporetto that goes from the Lido to the Grand Canal. More specifically, the video covers the journey from the tip of the Castello sestiere to a little past Piazza San Marco, at which point my camera ran out of storage space, I think.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Fun movie! Some of the plotting was wonky and glossed over things that didn’t make any sense, but the characters were strong and consistently entertaining. Plus unlike a lot of recent blockbusters (like the Robocop remake), it was actually coherent and had its own style. I don’t really feel a need to see it again because I feel like I “got it”, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from watching it.

I kinda feel like it’s a little overhyped at this point. It’s not great. But it’s pretty good.

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