Hey! Don’t share this page around, I’m trying to keep it only semi-public. Basically:

I’m in Vancouver! I fly back home on the evening of the 14th. I’d love to see everyone.

Below is my current schedule:

Past (inconsistent tense, sorry)

Thurs Feb 26th: Arrive in Vancouver. Extreme jetlag.
Fri Feb 27th: Gottacon! Poutine.
Sat Feb 28th: Gottacon! Drinking with friends. Portal 2 Musical.
Sun March 1st: Gottacon in the morning. Met Wayne and Holly and their two kids. Flew to Calgary.
Mon March 2nd: Visited family. Roger came down for drinks, and to take my mother to Costco.
Tues March 3rd: Visited family in Cowtown.
Wed March 4th: Flew back to Vancouver in the afternoon / evening. Visited Fort Awesome
Thurs March 5th:
10:00 AM: Met Tracey at Oakridge near the Whitespot, 10 AM. Hang out. Buy shoes. Explore the Olympic Village and Main Street. Dinner at General Public with D&H.
Fri March 6th: Lunch with #omgbros at the Keg. Renewed drivers licence. Hung out with Emily. Walked around the West End being all nostalgic. Met up with Harjeet, finally went to Johnny Fox’s Irish Snug on Granville.
Sat March 7th: Get together at Fort Awesome. Hung out at D&H’s first. ROCK BAND! SLURPEE! JUSTICE!
Sun March 8th: So tired. SO TIRED. Lunch with Gav and his mom. Met Div and his fiancée. Rode skytrain around, wandered through Central Park. Kept it real.
Mon March 9th: Work. Games night at Dennis’s
Tue March 10th: Work. Lunch with Paul. Laundry.


Wed March 11th: Work. Lunch with more #omgbros on the Drive. Gentlemen Hecklers.
Thur March 12th: Work. Lunch with Harman. Dinner with the Mustards
Fri March 13th: Work. Party @ Gavin’s
Sat March 14th: Savage Worlds? Fly back to Dubdub (evening)

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