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Pretend I posted this a year ago, that I didn’t have to scrounge through my photos and calendars to remember what it was I did that year. Also pretend I’ve been posting pictures and writing about my travels, because maybe … Continue reading

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Three Times I Didn’t Vote

Not necessarily times I could vote, mind. In reverse chronological order: 1. I checked out the anti-Trump protest in Vancouver tonight. That was a crazy election, eh? I didn’t vote, because of course I can’t: I’m Canadian. American elections are … Continue reading

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Macbook Data Recovery

Last summer the hard drive on my Macbook suddenly stopped booting. After panicking, I took it into work and was able to figure out a way of recovering my data, formatting the hard drive, and restoring Mac OSX without too … Continue reading

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Multiplication Workshop

I’ve been playing Human Resource Machine. It’s awesome! It’s a little silly that I’ve been relaxing after a long day of coding by… doing assembly programming, but it’s a fun game. Anyway, I’ve been hung up at the optimization challenges … Continue reading

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